Specialized At Risk Community Financial Literacy

Fortified Future Finance Inc. understands that at risk communities are often exposed to essential social determinants to health that can directly affect finances and has a network of working financial professionals made available via within network referral to provide financial literacy education, resources, information and opportunities to community members living in at risk communities to support the financial advancements of those community members specifically.

At risk community environment creates a skew in financial statistics, Fortified Future Finance Inc. focus helping at risk community members achieve and maintain financial stability via systemic financial referral allowing at risk community members to ACCESS FINANCIAL SERVICES.

At risk communities and protected classes of citizens include: minority communities, L.G.B.T.Q./ L.G.B.T.Q.P.O.C. communities, victims of the opioid epidemic, victims of domestic violence, the mentally ill, and the senior citizens/disabled communities.

Fortified Future Finance Inc. allows at risk community members to expand fill their financial insight/capability by providing resources to develop financial competencies for the purpose of developing financial literacy within at risk communities.

By allowing access to Fortified Future Finance Inc. via guided financial literacy referrals, at risk community members benefit from gaining access to financial literacy structured to improve quality of living in efforts to supplement long term financial success sustainability.

Inquire within in about the specialized referral services Fortified Future Finance Inc. provides for individuals considered a part of an at risk community as well as the specialized referral services designed to assist businesses that serve the at risk community.

Fortified Future Finance Inc. is available to provide you with a wide range of financial referrals including referrals for financial planning, educational scholarships, money management, retirement savings, investments and beyond.

Fortified Future Finance Inc. is available to connect you with a framework of financial organizations with proven financial expertise.

Allow Fortified Future Finance Inc. to assist you with your financial goals, help you to evaluate your financial capability to solidify your financial future.