Underserved Communities

Fortified Future Finance Inc. provides members of under served communities with a vital financial networking of support via financial referral.

Realizing there are millions in need of financial literacy education and financial management while struggling with serious issues such as housing instability, employment instability, opioid/narcotic addiction, alcoholism, financial disadvantage, overwhelming financial burdens, and managing financial responsibilities.

Fortified Future Finance Inc. is here to help underserved communities stand strong by providing access to target financial industry experts in different financial markets to meet the needs of underserved community populations.


To help underserved communities rise above the poverty line and counteract financially related psychological financial depression Fortified Future Finance Inc. support for disenfranchised underserved community members seeking access to financial solutions by supplying valuable financial insight, access to financial experts, financial organizations, resources/ information via systemic financial referral.

​Fortified Future Finance Inc. highlights positive examples of financial successes in spite of opposition and obstacles created by previous opioid and narcotic addiction to exemplify how financial success and financial freedom can be achieved through financial literacy and use of financial literacy referrals.

Fortified Future Finance Inc. is partnering community organizations, health care facilities and government offices to assist underserved community members directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, opioid epidemic, African American Diaspora, impoverished underserved community members, financial discriminated against community members, and community members with lack of access to financial resources (the underserved) to be guided and connect with financial organizations and fintech organizations by the Fortified Future Finance Inc. referral network.

One goal of this specialty programming is to help the individual decrease narcotics consumption to become success stories of how financial responsibility will lead to financial success, financial freedom and healthy lifestyle utilizing financial referrals.

Fortified Future Finance Inc. offers specific referrals services to those that need more financial guidance and are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and opioid epidemic to find sustainable solutions to securing sobriety to become financially responsible/accountable for the individuals as well as dependents.

Fortified Future Finance. Inc. refers clients to available financial counseling resources to redirect their spending on illegal narcotics/alcohol abuse to create more prioritized financial expenditures including education housing, and lifestyle improvements.